Are You An
Unhappy Client?

A bad wealth management relationship will hugely impact your wealth in the long term. Make a change

Are You An Unhappy Client?

A bad wealth management relationship will impact your wealth in the long term. Make a change.

It's easier to change wealth manager than you think...

Even if you don’t think you need to change your wealth manager, it’s important to regularly review your current relationship to make sure you are getting the level of service and investment performance you require – without paying excessive fees. It’s healthy to discover what a better partnership could do for you.

Since was established in 2012, the proportion of our users describing themselves as “unhappy clients” has risen year on year. Comments we receive from dissatisfied clients include a lack of innovation and ideas from their existing professional, an inability to diversify their wealth or the wealth manager’s offering remaining static whilst the investor’s needs have changed.

We understand inertia, fear of the unknown or the simple desire to avoid hassle. That’s why we are here to help – to simplify and smooth the process of finding a better solution.

Upgrading to a better wealth management relationship really can be fast and easy, and the benefits to your financial health very great indeed. You have very little to lose and a lot to gain by exploring how the leading wealth managers on our panel could help you achieve your goals faster.

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Time For A Change? Your Essential Guide To Changing Wealth Manager

Investors often stay with a wealth manager they are not absolutely happy with because they fear making a change will spell hassle or additional expense. 

We bust the biggest misconceptions about changing wealth manager and explain why finding a better fit is easier than you might think.

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You don’t have to suffer being left in the dark

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Why all wealth managers are not alike

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We give you access to a wide range of companies

We know each firm intimately, particularly their specialities and proven capabilities – enabling you to fast track through the industry with ease and insight

  • Arbuthnot Latham Private Bank
  • Blu Family Office
  • Bordier UK
  • Brewin Dolphin – 1762
  • Brown Advisory
  • Brown Shipley
  • Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management
  • Cazenove Capital
  • Charles Stanley & Co. Limited
  • Credit Suisse Private Banking
  • Credo Wealth
  • GAM
  • Investec Wealth & Investment
  • James Hambro & Partners
  • Julius Baer
  • Kleinwort Hambros
  • KW Wealth
  • LGT Vestra
  • Magus Private Wealth Limited
  • Mole Valley Asset Management
  • Nedbank Private Wealth
  • Plurimi Wealth
  • Punter Southall Wealth
  • Quilter Cheviot Investment Management
  • Ruffer LLP
  • Seven Investment Management (7IM)
  • Smith & Williamson
  • Tribe Impact Capital
  • Tyndall Investment Management
  • UBS
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