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Safeguard your wealth against divorce

Take control, whether you are contemplating a union, sadly mulling a divorce, or now have a settlement which needs to be invested.

Divorce can be hugely damaging to the financial health of both parties – and also the family at large.

It is common for both the financially stronger and weaker partners to find that they have insufficiently protected their interests when it comes to the eventual settlement, and for rushed decisions on how to split assets to lead to losses all round.

Women, meanwhile, often find themselves seriously losing out, since time taken out of careers for children and other caring responsibilities leaves them with far smaller pension pots than men.

Then there is the absolute minefield of second families and inheritance. The impact of divorce on an individual and their wider family wealth runs deep, and can persist for generations.

Don’t let divorce destroy your financial future

With the dissolution of marriages and civil partnerships unfortunately so very common today, it is a brave – or perhaps somewhat naïve – person who gives no thought to these matters. While pre-nuptial agreements may not be strictly binding in the UK currently, the rise of people entering them anyway for consideration by the Courts can only be a good thing.

In an ideal world everyone, and especially those of significant wealth, would take specialist advice before entering what is likely to be the most impactful legal contract of their life. But wherever you find yourself, there is almost always a lot you can do to improve your financial prospects with the right professional wealth and legal advice.

Whatever your situation is, our team and the wealth managers on our panel stand ready to help – with the utmost discretion and the skills, knowledge and experience you need during a difficult time.

Ten ways to defend family wealth against divorce

This guide outlines the key risks both sides need to pay heed to before saying “I do”, and the top defensive strategies families can deploy.

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