Are You Thinking
About Retirement?

Preparation and planning are critical to ensure you're not left short

Are You Thinking About Retirement?

Preparation and planning is critical to ensure you're not left short.

Make sure your retirement plans are on track...

With retirement fast approaching, understanding your current position is the first step towards working out how you are going to get where you need to be in the future.

Getting this clear picture of the income you can expect from your various investments will help answer key retirement questions: Do you have enough money to retire early? How much longer do you need to work? How do you consolidate your assets? Should you consider transferring a Defined Benefit pension? What other tax-efficient options are out there?

Making decisions based on your own research can be difficult, time-consuming and risky. There is so much conflicting information out there; the rules on tax and lifetime allowances keep changing; and risk-reward calculations can be extremely complex. That’s why we recommend you base your critical decisions on facts from professionals who have access to the best research combined with a structured investment process. will match your profile with up to three wealth managers who will present you with clear strategies to reach your goals. There is no obligation – just the opportunity to get professional guidance from experts approved by us, with impartial guidance from our client service team.


Self-Invested Personal Pensions
- A Quick Guide

This guide explains the key benefits – and challenges – of investing via a SIPP and outlines when the affluent might need to take professional advice.

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