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    Private Bank
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    Listed on stockmarket
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Key person:

Nick Tucker, Head of UK Domestic
Nick Tucker

Head of UK Domestic

UBS Factfile

UBS was named Best Private Bank Globally 2013 by Euromoney. At UBS, a dedicated Client Advisor will seek out the specialist expertise and resources needed to help you achieve your goals, allowing you to benefit from the network and specific skills of UBS, one of the world's leading wealth managers. UBS offers a complete range of investment services, personalised to your individual needs.

Contact person Relationship manager
Portfolio types Model, bespoke
Composition Fund, tracker, mixture, ethical
In-house service
Pension advice
Tax efficient investments
How we charge Within account fee
Contact person Relationship manager
Fee structure Per trade, annual fee
Min. account size £1,000,000
Portfolio lending
Mortgages (residential)
Typical minimum mortgage £1,000,000
Other finance Jet, yacht, art
Online dealing
Timezones UK, US, Asia
Margin accounts
Retail banking
Ethical investing