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Charles Stanley & Co. Limited

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    Investment Manager
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    Listed on Stock Market
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    UK Wide
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Charles Stanley - Paul Abberley 200x200
Paul Abberley

Chief Executive Officer

Charles Stanley & Co. Limited Factfile

Charles Stanley & Co. Limited is one of the oldest firms on the London Stock Exchange, first appearing as an independent member firm in 1852. Today, Charles Stanley & Co. Limited is one of the leading investment management companies in the UK, dedicated to serving the private investor. The level of service you choose will be determined by how actively involved you want to be in the management of your investments and how confident you are with monitoring the balance of risk and reward yourself.

Contact person Investment manager
Portfolio types Model, bespoke
Composition Fund, direct, tracker, mixture
In-house service
Pension advice
Tax efficient investments
How we charge Within account fee
Contact person Investment manager
Fee structure Annual fee
Min. account size £100,000
Online dealing
Timezones International
Margin accounts