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Women and the changing
financial landscape

I wrote an article about the growth of the “She-Economy” and as such why women and financial life planning is such an important part of its continued growth and dialogue. As any wealth manager or financial coach will tell you – it’s not simply about how much you earn but what you do with it. […]

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Financial planning
in the “She-conomy”

Women are more active in work than ever, and they need to be making the most of their wealth, Lavinia D Osbourne writes on financial planning for women. The new financial tax year has just begun and for many the UK economy is still in recovery mode. However, there is one emerging economy that continues […]

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Wealth management
for women

The fact that women’s lives tend to take a different trajectory to men’s can mean they lose out in the wealth stakes, but not if they get proactive and make plans as early as possible.

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