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The secrets to a successful business exit

Much advice focusing on building up a business, but securing a successful exit at the other end is what working for a better financial future was all about. Here are invaluable tips for maximising your exit potential.

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Higher-Earner, Higher-Rate, Pension, Tax Relief

How higher-earners can get 75.8% in pension tax relief

All higher-earners should be reviewing their pension arrangements to take advantage of some very generous, but short-lived tax reliefs, explains Simon Brookes, Director of Financial Planning at James Hambro & Partners. Apparently, you should never look a gift horse in the mouth because it’s a present. Taking time to check its teeth is therefore rude. […]

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International Investor, Property, Resident Non-Domiciled, Tax, Tax Relief

UK residential property –
What the new CGT changes
could mean for You

There are many implications of the Government’s intention to charge non-residents UK Capital Gains Tax, explains Kyra Motley at Taylor Wessing. A key attraction for wealthy foreign investors in the UK has been their exemption from the UK’s Capital Gains Tax when they sell UK residential property. This attraction was eroded by the introduction of the […]

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