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Slicing the family pie –
Dividing assets upon divorce

A new divorce case with hundreds of millions of pounds at stake has highlighted issues around quantifying and dividing assets upon divorce, explains Mei-Ling McNab, partner in the family law team at Brachers. Recent reports that a property investor involved in what is rumoured to be one of Britain’s highest-value divorces after splitting from his […]

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Division of Assets, Divorce, Expert Opinion, Marriage, Tax & Accounting, Wealth Planning

Dividing assets
in mega-divorces

The recent rejection of a $975m divorce settlement by an American divorcee has highlighted differences in how assets are divided either side of the pond explains Lottie Tyler. Behaviour during a marriage and financial entitlement after a marriage are universally contentious topics. Based on weekly coverage in the media, often accompanied by righteous outrage, it […]

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Division of Assets, Divorce, Expert Opinion, Law & Accounting, Wealth Planning

A cleaner break
for divorce?

Long-term maintenance has long been the norm for financially-weaker partners, but new guidance could signal a far more considered approach from the divorce courts, explains Graham Coy of law firm Mundays. There is an important debate taking place which may affect as many as one in two of all married couples, but too few are […]

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Division of assets, Divorce, Marriage, Pensions, Prenuptial, Wealth Planning

Wealth management
and divorce

Divorce can be hugely detrimental to individual – and family – wealth, but there are a number of steps that can be taken to limit the harm that might come, both before and after saying “I do”.

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