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5 signs you need a wealth manager

You don’t necessarily have to be “wealthy” to need a wealth manager explains Lee Goggin, co-founder of It’s of course to be expected that what constitutes “wealthy” changes over time. People used to aspire to being a millionaire, but research shows you need at least £10mn to be considered wealthy today. With house prices […]

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Cash isn’t king:
6 investment tips
for making the
most of your bonus

Hopefully, it was bigger than you expected and not the dreaded “doughnut”, or zero bonus. Bonus payments in the UK are getting bigger, recent figures suggest. Total bonus payments in the UK economy between April 2014 and March 2015 were £42.4 billion, up by 2.7% from the previous year, according to official figures by the […]

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Got a bonus? Why you need investment advice now!

What should you do with your bonus? The cash rewards may not be as high as they were pre-crisis, but people from all walks are still earning substantial amounts throughout the year. Spend it? Invest it? The possibilities are almost endless. If the former, what to spend this cash on? A new car that will […]

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