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Why a local presence matters in wealth management

Andrew Butler–Cassar, Head of Private Office at Investec Wealth & Investment, explains the firm’s rapid ascent in the UK and the importance of a local wealth management presence. Can you tell us a little about Investec’s history and current presence in the UK? Investec started in the early 1970s in South Africa with just four […]

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How to find a wealth manager

Finding the right wealth manager for your profile and needs has never been easier – or faster – explains Lee Goggin, Co-founder of Word-of-mouth recommendation is a time-honoured method of finding a wealth manager. But while affluent individuals have long been asking another professionals such as accountants or lawyers for a referral, or asking […]

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Wealth Management

Sourcing a wealth manager the smart way

It can be very helpful when a wealth manager describes their ethos and approach in their own words, explains Wendy Spires, Director of Content and Research. Thousands of affluent individuals visit each month for a fast and free way to find the right wealth manager for their precise profile and needs. While there is […]

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How to interview a wealth manager

Engaging a professional wealth manager may be one of the best financial decisions you ever make. Ensuring your investments are performing optimally and that your risk exposures are appropriately managed is foundational to your financial security. With a professional on board, you will be far more certain of achieving your long-term goals. When it comes […]

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