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The quest for trust

Christian Armbruester, Chief Investment Officer at Blu Family Office, explains six precepts that will help potential wealth management clients feel more confident about getting started. When it comes to our money, it really does become very serious. For most of us, that which we have been able to put aside in a lifetime of labour, […]

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The winners are in!

Wealth management is a high-touch service proposition, but there are firms going far beyond expectations in how they treat clients. Learn who our “People’s Choice” winners are for 2018 and why these Awards are important.

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Finding your best wealth manager

Until recently, it has been very difficult for people to compare different wealth managers, at least not without hours of online research and telephone calls. The laborious nature of this task has meant wealth managers are often just selected based on word-of-mouth recommendation, perhaps from a friend, colleague or professional contact. Unfortunately, this has meant […]

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