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An award win and a further nomination have added to the growing buzz around the has scooped the prize for “Innovative Client Solution” at the prestigious WealthBriefing European Awards, seeing off very strong competition from some of the biggest names in the wealth management industry.

We are delighted to have been crowned WealthBriefing’s winner for 2015, particularly since is also a finalist in the Consumer Campaign category of the forthcoming Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards. Both of these are huge accolades and come at particularly exciting time in our development. is soon to launch a sister service in Singapore to build on three highly-successful years in the UK, which have seen us match over 1,000 affluent individuals with the best wealth management institutions for their needs. Our service has really struck a chord with investors who are looking for an effective, objective way to find the right wealth manager for their profile – and our inclusion in these awards confirms that there is a matching degree of industry enthusiasm for what we do.

Often the best business ideas are really quite obvious since they answer a real need in the market – and this really sums up the genesis of the concept. Back before our 2012 launch, I was a private banker, while our co-founder, Lee Goggin, was a client of mine following a successful career in investment banking. Having seen the way the wealth management industry typically works, and how difficult it can be for investors to navigate the diverse UK market, we concluded that there must be a better way for high net worth individuals to meet the right institutions for their unique wants and needs – and so was born.

It is also often the case that once a solution to a problem has emerged it becomes difficult to imagine how things were done in the old style, so let me remind readers here. Before our launch there was no easy, objective and free way to identify which wealth managers might best suit your needs. Previously, many of those in need of a wealth manager had to ask friends or colleagues for recommendations; or – if they were not in the position of knowing many affluent individuals, as many aren’t – they had to trawl through the internet or financial press until a firm caught their eye. In short, many people were making a very important decision blind and potentially settling for something less than ideal.

Fresh thinking

While there is certainly a place for personal recommendations in wealth management, we believe that represents a better way – one that is more in keeping with today’s information culture and one that simply works better for both clients and institutions. By using our service, affluent investors can bypass hours of internet searching to have the best-matched institutions come to them, knowing that the firms we propose will offer precisely the services they need in the location they prefer; institutions, meanwhile, get to meet the kinds of clients for whom they can add most value in terms of expertise and capabilities. What’s more, we have often found that many of our users have previously been unsure as to which organisations they can work with at a given level of investment. Our unique matching process eliminates all these question marks so that individuals can get their wealth working as hard as possible at the earliest opportunity.

That there is a real need for a service like is underscored by the fact that today almost four out of every ten professional users of the site work in financial services. If those actually within the industry feel they need help finding the best-matched wealth managers for their needs, then the case for other busy professionals, entrepreneurs, retirees and all the other client segments we work with is clear. We are very pleased with all the industry recognition we are achieving, but our user numbers continuing to climb month after month has us even more excited.

We’re entering our next growth phase as a business and we look forward to helping thousands more individuals with growing and preserving their wealth in the years to come. To get your wealth journey started, simply try our smart online tool. Or, if you would like to discuss your situation with our straight-talking team, please do get in touch here.

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