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Top financial resolutions you should consider as 2015 gets underway as revealed by a selection of wealth managers from

The start of a new year is a good time to reassess your strategy for growing and protecting your wealth – and there is a lot that individuals can do to start making their money work harder straight away. To begin 2015 on a proactive note, presents our resolutions for your wealth in 2015 recommended by the wealth managers and expert contributors accessible through the site.

Make full use of your capital gains allowances

The annual CGT allowance is often overlooked but if you hold investments outside of tax-advantaged accounts such as ISAs or pensions, you can crystallise returns this tax year of up to £11,000 without incurring CGT. It might make sense utilising this and using the proceeds to fund an ISA or pension contribution, so that over time as much of your investments as possible are sheltered in tax-efficient accounts.

Peter Hall, Chief Executive, Tilney Bestinvest

Be realistic, but ensure your money is working hard

Given low expectations for interest and inflation rates, resolve to reassess what a reasonable return means, but look carefully at that cash balance on deposit.

Chris Kenny, Investment Management Partner, Smith & Williamson

Review all insurance cover

A review of insurance cover should be an annual routine at the turn of the year. As well as considering any new assets, this review should also take into account the changing value of existing assets. Jewellery is one product which has seen its value increase significantly over the last few years – often far in excess of the increase allowed by index-linking that insurers will have applied to the policy.

Stuart Butler, Client Relationship Director, Heritage Insurance

Take full advantage of ISAs

ISAs are a tax-efficient, flexible investment option made even more attractive by the recent rise in the annual limit to £15,000 and the progressive lowering of the pension contribution limit. Ensure your ISA investments aren’t just languishing, however. Consolidating your ISA investments for active management by a wealth manager could be a good option.


Take full account of important rule changes

Find the time to review all pensions and wills – given the changes in rules in 2014 some new planning may be needed. 

Chris Kenny, Investment management partner at Smith & Williamson

Diversify your investments properly

Many of our users are seeking professional wealth management because they suddenly realise they’ve given too little consideration to diversification when investing on a DIY basis. It’s all too easy to slip into over-exposure to certain markets, sectors or asset classes like property, which leave portfolios vulnerable to significant losses.

Lee Goggin, Co-founder,


Explore your investment options fully

Financial markets have become more accessible while the outlook for traditional assets such as cash, property and state pensions worsens, so you need to know what else you can do and what advisers are saying.

Chris Kenny, Investment management partner at Smith & Williamson

Watch the Election to gauge your property exposure

2015 will be marked by macroeconomic uncertainty and property buyers’ wariness will be exacerbated by the looming General Election, which can depress transaction levels by up to 20%. This uncertainty should be embraced by the buy-to-let investor as there will be the opportunities to buy properties at a discount. But beware the new-build developments that are predominantly being bought in Asia. There is a high probability that these will see significant price falls in the next two to three years.

Jeremy McGivern, Founder, Mercury Homesearch

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