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How to start an
investment portfolio

Becoming an investor means making your money work as hard as it possibly can and it’s never too early – or late to start an investment portfolio explains Wendy Spires. Put simply, investing is the process of putting money you already have to work in a bid to make more – committing capital to a specific […]

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DIY investors must
face fund risks

Many DIY investors may be exposed to far more risk than they are really comfortable with, according to new research underscoring the importance of a proper assessment of investment risk and your true tolerance for it. According to a survey by Wealth Horizon, the vast majority – 69% – of UK investors are only willing […]

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Corporate Executive, Young Professional

How “Techy” is wealth management?

Wendy Spires explains just how techy wealth management is and why financial institutions are investing more in technology and what it means for you. Like every other every area of life, the financial services sector is becoming increasingly technology-oriented, with clients engaging with institutions via a host of new channels and innovations coming thick and […]

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