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5 signs you need a wealth manager

You don’t necessarily have to be “wealthy” to need a wealth manager explains Lee Goggin, co-founder of It’s of course to be expected that what constitutes “wealthy” changes over time. People used to aspire to being a millionaire, but research shows you need at least £10mn to be considered wealthy today. With house prices […]

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7 questions to ask when evaluating your wealth manager

While it may be tempting to let your wealth manager run on autopilot, it is not always advisable. Ultimately, it is your wealth that’s at stake. It is down to you to monitor what your wealth manager does and make the decision to switch if necessary. Here are the key questions to ask: 1. How […]

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Investment Tips

Investment Bulletin:
October 2015

This month: Searching for pockets of growth Investors despair of real returns from cash. Technology disruption hailed as a vital trend. Alternatives for expensive defensives advocated. Caution urged over growth figures. Featuring this month’s experts: is a gateway to the UK’s leading wealth managers and we regularly tap their expertise for the benefit of […]

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Our DIY investors share their wisdom

35% of our users are active investors.  In our conversations with them, we have learned some common investing 101’s. Here are the top four investing tips we have gathered. I hope you find them useful. What are you trying to achieve by investing? Understand your investment objectives. Write them down and don’t invest in anything that […]

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