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Active versus passive investing –
A quick guide

The “active versus passive investing” debate is one of the longest running in investment management and there is a lot to be said on both sides. Investors certainly do not have to make a binary choice between the two investment styles, however, since most wealth managers offer both options, yet some investment houses do favour […]

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Wealth experts debate
direct equities versus funds

Choosing whether to invest in funds or in direct equities is a key question with a number of nuances that need to be understood, investment experts explain. Investing in mutual funds has significant appeal as a way in for the beginner investor, and collectives may also form the bulk of many DIY-ers’ portfolios due to […]

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The risks and restrictions of investing solely in funds

Fund investors cannot become complacent and should recognise the restrictions and hidden risks associated with collectives, explains Lee Goggin, Co-Founder of It’s only human nature to want to reduce complex things to simplistic formulas and to try to fend off uncertainty with (reductionist) received wisdom. But often doing the “right” thing can lead to […]

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