Find a Wealth Manager

For those of you who have past first base then well done – perhaps you have spoken or even met a few wealth managers? Great! The hard work is already done!

So then, have you made your choice yet?  Chances are you may be stuck; you started your search all guns blazing but have now lost momentum finding a wealth manager.

Here are our top 4 reasons why you need to finish the job you started and find that wealth manager:

1. Time is money

Seriously, delaying a decision is rarely in your best interest – you started your search for a reason so get it done!

If your money is currently in cash then even more reason to act fast – every day that passes is missed opportunity to make your money work for you. There is never a perfect time to deploy your money in to investments but a wealth manager will stagger your investing; they WON’T invest all your money on day one and they WILL assess your risk profile to make sure that the investments made match your investment profile.

Wealth planning is equally important as it can save you tax too! Wealth planning covers the basics of ISAs and pension planning, pension investing for preservation and income if you are retired, inheritance planning…the list goes on. It can be damaging to your long-term wealth not to get a structure in place and the sooner you do it the better value the service because you reap the benefits for longer.

2. Delays are NOT good for anyone

Delaying decisions unnecessarily hurts your ability to focus on what needs to be done. Momentum significantly increases your productivity and efficiency because you don’t have to waste time and effort reviving your previous efforts – this also affects your ability to influence and negotiate.

A fast moving client is a serious client and a serious client is attractive – you could well be able to strike a deal, as well as enjoy a far better level of service.

Here are some important things to consider:

  • Why is one wealth manager better for me than another?
  • Do I understand what each of the wealth managers offers?
  • Am I in the right mindset to ask pertinent questions?
  • Am I in the right mindset to decide?
  • Not to mention your ability to influence and negotiate is weakened

Delays also aren’t good for your counterparts at the wealth managers either:

  • They lose momentum around their focus and attention on you
  • They are getting nothing back from you
  • They think you are not serious

3. Just because it’s boring it doesn’t mean it’s not important!

The to-do list probably contains various things that are far more appealing than finding a wealth manager, it may also contain time sensitive things like “pay a bill”, or “submit your tax return”.

Your neglected wealth can perpetually sit on the to-do list because you think it can wait until tomorrow, but just because it can, that doesn’t mean it should!

Getting your wealth working, whether that means planning for your family’s future, investing to save for your retirement, or being tax-efficient – is extremely important. You worked hard to earn your money, the sooner you get it working, the better your wealth and the better your well-being too.

The beauty of a wealth manager is that they do all this for you. – all you need to do is choose the wealth manager and they can manage the rest, depending on how much you want to be involved.

4. You’re too busy to find a wealth manager

Which means you absolutely need one!

In 2014, we surveyed our users who do their own investing (DIY investors) and 38% said they wanted a wealth manager because they just didn’t have the time to manage their investments themselves. If you are finding it hard to set aside the time to select a wealth manager then it follows that you are probably finding it just as difficult to find time to properly manage your personal finances – you need a professional.

The first call can be at a time that suits YOU, the meetings can be early or late in the day, you can ask them to make their proposal shorter, longer, more detailed or less detailed. Whatever YOU need to make YOUR life easier!

So if time is an issue that is completely understandable. But you can get the wealth managers marching to your drumbeat on what you need in order to make a decision.


If you have lost momentum finding a wealth manager, don’t delay getting your wealth working.

Get your wealth prioritised. It’s minimal effort but it is a piece of mind for yours and your family’s future.

You’re almost there, it wont take long from here – the last hurdle is choosing a wealth manager. Once that’s done you can be as ‘hands off’ or hands on’ as you like.

Delaying weakens your position – not only inhibiting your ability to make the best decision but also in sending the wrong message to your prospective wealth manager that you are not serious and don’t warrant attention.

Take action!

Re-connect with the wealth managers you have previously spoken to and arrange a call or meeting.
Ask them to present their proposal according to your needs – long, short, phone, face to face…
Then choose the wealth manager with the best combination of these factors:

1) the individuals you liked most

2) the brand which best serves your profile

3) the proposal that makes the most sense (if they talk in a language you don’t understand, they are not for you).

If you do not like the wealth managers you are speaking with then we can help you find better alternatives!

We take the time and complexity out of finding your ideal investment professional, combining technology and human expertise to simplify the process,  you can try our smart online tool or you can have an independent chat with our knowledgeable team – contact them here to book a convenient time.

We look forward to hearing from you!