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Changing Wealth Manager, Wealth Manager

Time for a change? Your essential guide to changing wealth manager

We consistently find that a significant proportion of the affluent individuals coming to are unhappy clients seeking alternatives – with such enquiries accounting for a fifth or more of our users at times. Spikes often occur when a big merger of firms comes about making them feel uneasy, or when market events makes investors […]

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Finding your best wealth manager

Until recently, it has been very difficult for people to compare different wealth managers, at least not without hours of online research and telephone calls. The laborious nature of this task has meant wealth managers are often just selected based on word-of-mouth recommendation, perhaps from a friend, colleague or professional contact. Unfortunately, this has meant […]

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Risk Profile

Understanding your risk-profile
(and why it is important)

Investing is all about using money to make money, but these returns are always a reward for taking on an element of risk, however small. In reality, there is no such thing as an entirely safe investment and in fact the closer an asset is to being a safe store of value, the smaller returns […]

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Financial Plan, Tax

Why ISAs (and JISAs) are vital wealth management tools

What is an ISA and how much is my allowance? In simple terms, ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) and their Junior equivalents are tax shelters for your savings and investments. Interest earned on other savings (or current) accounts may be liable for income tax once an individual’s Personal Savings Allowance has been reached. Basic rate taxpayers […]

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