Pension Allowances

Pension allowances are something which High Net Worth Individuals need pay particular attention to, as keeping within the limits is key to maximising wealth.

60/40 allocation

The classic 60/40 equities to bonds split in portfolios is coming firmly back into favour in some quarters, but aficionados have to ensure that they do not blinker themselves to other assets which might benefit them.

Deed of Variation

Applying a Deed of Variation to a deceased person’s will means that estates can be distributed optimally for beneficiaries, often leading to significant tax savings along with improved family wealth planning too.


“Denomination” can be used in several senses when it comes to wealth management, and it is vital to understand them all.

Fiscal drag

Fiscal drag may be set to effectively raise taxes for millions over the coming years, but there is a lot that you can do to tackle this raid on your finances.


There are numerous allowances available which can take substantial gifts made to multiple people out of your estate for Inheritance Tax Purposes.


Deciding how best to use a substantial retirement fund is a conundrum most of us have to grapple with, but the good news is that a blended strategy can deliver the best of both worlds.


Hedging your bets is a well understood concept generally, but implementing an effective hedging strategy for your investment portfolio is far from simple – nor without cost.

Model Portfolio

Model portfolios have enabled wealth managers to offer investment services to a wider range of clients and drive down costs for both them and the institution, making them a popular choice.