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Wealth and health areas are often viewed as two separate entities. However, they are actually closely intertwined. There is a symbiotic relationship between maintaining good health into your twilight years and effectively planning and managing your financial affairs. Good health is undoubtedly the key to a happy, fulfilling retirement, whereas poor health has negative far-reaching consequences on your quality of life and family, as well as your financial security.

In this guide

  • The Price of Not Caring for Your Health as Much as You Care for Your Wealth
  • Escalating Healthcare Costs can Derail Your Financial Plans
  • Longer Life Expectancies and their Impact on Your Wealth Planning
  • Not Being Prepared Could Scupper Your Well-Laid Financial Plans
  • A Three-Prong Strategy: Prevention, Proactive Planning & Professional Advice
  • The Financial Lifecycle
  • Nurture Professional Relationships
  • Your Healthcare & Wealth Plan by Life Stage
  • An Easy-to-Use Checklist