Think you don’t have enough money to have a wealth manager?  Think again…

Wealth management is not just the preserve of the super-wealthy. 

Everyone should be able to access good advice alongside investment management.

Thankfully, you can, with our carefully selected group of nationally based financial advisers. These firms appreciate the need to build strong and meaningful relationships and will look after you for the years and decades to come.

Wealth management isn’t just about investments. It’s about the right wealth planning strategy that will serve you well as different financial milestones appear on your horizon.

So many people waste their youth from a wealth management perspective; we make the case for starting as early as possible and can demonstrate why enlisting the right professionals can magnify your gains.

It is a sad fact of life that the best time to start financial planning is usually a decade ago. Rather than waiting until their forties of fifties, young professionals should seize the opportunity to get started with proper wealth management today. Early planning can give you freedom and flexibility later in life, so you should consider your options as soon as possible.

Starting early can help impose good financial habits for life

Those who manage to save early not only have these compounding returns in their favour, they have more investment flexibility. They have many years to ride out volatility and therefore don’t need to worry too much about the shorter-term ebb and flow of stock markets. This should help them generate stronger returns over time.

Starting early can also help impose good financial habits for life. The pandemic has seen a lot of people start to speculate in financial markets, whether on Bitcoin or GameStop. This kind of speculation is fine if it’s a side-line, but it’s a poor way to build long-term wealth. Major platforms say that 65-75% of their retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

Building a well thought out and long-term, regular savings strategy early on is likely to do far more for your finances over time.

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What is the difference between a wealth manager, an investment manager & a private bank?

This short guide aims to explain what is the difference between a wealth manager, an investment manager and a private bank, and why you may need one.

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